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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Air Force Academy Chapel

When we entered Colorado, we stopped at the first Visitor's information center. The helpful volunteer suggested various ideas for a visit to Colorado Springs. Among other suggestions, he said, "I think the Air Force Academy is getting a little less paranoid and is letting visitors in again, too." This was good news since I have always admired and been fascinated by the architecture of the Cadet Chapel there.

As we drove south from Denver toward Colorado Springs on Tuesday, Interstate 25 smoothed out as the road entered El Paso County and became "Ronald Reagan Highway." We turned at the entrance to the Air Force Academy, were appropriately inspected (trunk included) and headed up the hill. Soon the Academy buildings with chapel spires in the background were visible.

We pulled up to the Barry Goldwater Visitor Center.

Inside, there was a theater with a 15-minute film about cadet life. Exhibits show a lot of information about the cadets and their training. There is one from Ely, Minnesota. There is also plenty of information about the Chapel including architectural drawings:

And there are photos from the construction project:

It is about a quarter-mile walk from the Visitor Center to the chapel. You get good views from the side:

And, of course, a head-on shot is interesting too:

I don't believe I had ever seen the interior before this. It has an interesting blue glow from the windows. The space also has a much more "squared off" feel on the inside although you might not guess that from the angle of this picture.

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