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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Promontory Point, Utah

Promontory Point, Utah. The name probably rings a bell because you learned in grade school that on May, 10, 1869, the transcontinental railroad was completed there with the driving of a ceremonial "golden spike."

"Is there some kind of marker at the spot?", you ask. Of course. But you won't find Promontory Point by accident as you drive down the Interstate. It is a 32-mile side trip from Brigham City on Interstate 15 out to Promontory. You won't see much else along the way. There are a couple of very good photographs in the visitor center from the original spike ceremony.

Much to our surprise, when we arrived, we saw two old steam locomotives sitting on the track.

A group of local folks re-enact the driving of the spike on a regular basis throughout an extended summer season. The day we were there, Monday, October 11th was the final re-enactment for the 2009 season. We were treated to (shortened) speeches and the careful placement of two gold, one silver and one gold and silver spike into pre-drilled holes in the final tie. The four ceremonial spikes were gently tapped down just as in 1869.

If you look closely at this final picture, you'll notice that a visitor from the current era is holding the two golden spikes.

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