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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Washing Machine Blogging - The Final Chapter

With power available at the washing machine it was time to try out the Zanussi Ideal!  Being a cautious soul, I suggested that Linda might want to stay close to the machine during the first load.  She grabbed her reading material and brought in a chair.

We're not used to the front-loading machine and didn't know what to expect.  We watched.  We waited.  We watched some more.  The watching is quite interesting, at first.  A few slow turns to the right.  Pause.  A few slow turns to the left.  Repeat.

No water spewing forth from anyplace.  Well, that's why we were watching.

We seemed to be conserving lots of water.  This website has a nice summary table of front-loader versus top-loader.

But no mention of cycle length.  I had plenty of time to browse the "inter-tubes" while we waited for the machine to finish that first load.  Two hours and eight minutes to be precise.

Is this normal?  I notice that the question has come up before.  For example, at this site.  "Front load washer cycle time - is 115 minutes normal?"

So there's something to add to your questions the next time you buy a washer!  (Added later) And we haven't talked about vibration yet.  Here is a discussion thread that notes, "Think Sikorsky helicopter hovering in the laundry room!"  A fair description in some cases.  And don't think you are going to stop the cycle and redistribute the load with a front-loader either!

With the wash finally done, Linda loaded the dryer and we headed out to dinner.

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