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Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Harbor at Alexandria

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After looking for Old Alexandria during much of the afternoon, we headed back to the harbor. Fort Qaitbey dates from the 1400s and is a major tourist attraction out at the western end of the Corniche.

We found a taxi, got in, and I said, "Fort Qaitbey." The driver nodded and headed up to the next intersection where he stopped by a group of locals.

"Ingleesy?" he shouted, indicating that he needed an English translator. One of the fellows came over to the taxi.

I repeated, "Fort Qaitbey," to the helper.

He replied to me, "Qaitbey?"

I said, "Qaitbey."

He then said "Qaitbey" to the driver.

The driver then said "Qaitbey!" nodding with understanding. We were off.

I obviously have not learned to properly swallow my "Q"s. There are several sounds in Arabic that I cannot make in an understandable way. In particular, there are two Arabic letters that we commonly represent with the English letters K and Q. My efforts to make these sounds just don't make the grade sometimes.

Fort Qaitbey looks like this from across the harbor.

And once you arrive, the view of the Mediterranean is very nice. It's another good place to just sit and watch the fishermen for a while.

The view back along the bay is also pleasant.

We came back the next day to explore the fish market.

And to walk this section of the Corniche. The harbor view offers lots of photo opportunities. The fishing boats were in for the afternoon.

Nets were drying.

And the view of the harbor from the Qaitbey area is spectacular.

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