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Saturday, February 12, 2011

So What's the Price of Gasoline in Europe?

Well, in Greece, as shown in the photo on the left, Gasoline goes for 1.588 Euro per liter. That works out to $8.11 per gallon. If you can get by on Diesel, that is only 1.418 Euro per liter. That is only $7.24 per gallon. Lord help you if you need Super Unleaded at $9.70 per gallon.
GasPrice-2 GasPrice-3

We have moved on now to Italy. Diesel, which is the fuel of choice here is only 1.333 Euro per liter, a pleasant $6.81 per gallon. Unleaded gasoline is 1.433 Euro per liter or $7.32 per gallon.

Quite a contrast to the $0.92 that Egyptians pay, isn't it?

The solution in Europe is obviously to use a smaller vehicle. Here are a couple of popular choices.

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