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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Odds and Ends From Romania

I had a few photos I wanted to include but they don't really fit with posts I have in mind so here they are, with associated descriptions.

I always love to take pictures of "interesting infrastructure."  We noticed this utililty pole across from the hotel in Bucharest.  This might top anything I have seen in Egypt.  At least they seem to be labeled.

Parking seems to be short in most of the country.  I watched this person park his car while I kept saying, "no way!"  But it did fit.


This is just a nice picture of fall color as seen through a defensive position in a fort on a hill.

Here is a walk-up window at a bakery.  This one is on a street in Brasov but we have seen them in several places.  I notice that this one has been a tradition since 1939, so I guess the concept works.

We found these onions on display at an open-air market in Brasov this afternoon.  Notice that they are sold in braids besides having an interesting shape.

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