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Thursday, January 12, 2012

A Night in the French Quarter, New Orleans

Our route through New Orleans was mostly due to my curiosity to see how the French Quarter was doing, six years  after Hurricane Katrina.  We spent several hours visiting the usual tourist highlights and found business pretty much as it had been during our last visit.

Our first stop was at Jackson Square which is best viewed at night.

We stopped in to visit nearby Cafe DuMonde for coffee and beignets.  They have been serving this combination for over a hundred and fifty years and do a very good job with all that practice.
FrenchQuarter-2 FrenchQuarter-1 FrenchQuarter-3

We passed a voodoo shop on the way to Bourbon street which continues to get a bit tackier with each trip to the crescent city.  Finding good music, especially jazz requires a little searching.
FrenchQuarter-6 FrenchQuarter-7

But we were fortunate to find a great quartet playing at the end of the Bourbon Street entertainment area in Fritzel's European Jazz Pub.  It's not an impressive place from either the inside or outside but the jazz is local, authentic and excellent.  Both Richard Scott on the piano and Mike Fulton on trumpet were in fine form.  Both have impressive resume's.  Here's a YouTube video of Fulton playing Fats Waller's Black and Blue. Here's a picture of the group playing while an assistant from the club passes the hat.

Pianist Scott offers some recommendations at his website for finding good Jazz each day of the week in New Orleans.  Follow the "Extras" link.

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