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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Henry Ford Museum, Dearborn. Part V - Other Stuff

There is quite a collection of items in the Henry Ford unrelated to autos planes and other mechanical goodies.  This Television exhibit was very interesting.

The TVs are displaying scenes from the Kennedy assassination in 1963.  The young man watching appeared to be as drawn to the screen today as everyone was during that time in late November of '63.

There is a wide range of telephones on display.

My dad had one of the model 302's (left picture) on his home desk until he passed away in 2001.  It was originally produced in the late 1930's.  I'll bet you won't get 50 years use out of your current phone.   The model 500 (right picture) was the standard for the 1960s and 70s.
FordMuseum-48 FordMuseum-49

This McDonald's sign reading, "Over 160 million sold," reminds me of the big question of one of my late high school years.  What would McDonald's do as the 900 million sold gave way to the first billion?  (Be sure to note the advertised price of a burger at the top of the sign!)

The museum doesn't just collect ordinary samples.  Take this outdoor patio range.  It belonged to retired president Eisenhower.
FordMuseum-75 FordMuseum-74

There is a large furniture collection.  I took some pictures of just one variety - the Eames Chair. 

It might seem hard to believe that this was the essence of "modern" and fashionable at one time, but it was.  Here we meet the designers.
FordMuseum-71 FordMuseum-73

Not everything was modern, virtuous and perfect in America in the 1950s, of course.  There is an interesting collection of items to remind us of our shortcomings too.  The bus that Rosa Parks rode in Montgomery is preserved here. (The one in Memphis is a replica.)  And a segregated waiting room holds numerous other memorabilia.
FordMuseum-50 FordMuseum-51

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