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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Koshary in the Neighborhood

If there is an Egyptian national food, it is koshary.  I posted a good recipe for it a couple of years ago here.  There is a koshary shop right across the street from our neighborhood market at the end of the block but we have never stopped in.  I suggested we give it a try on Thursday.  Along the way, we passed a new restaurant three doors to the left of the Vodafone store that I had not noticed earlier and Linda suggested trying it.  There was no English language menu but she was able to discern from the owner that the specialties were liver, brain and fish.  We don't do fish here unless we know for sure where they were swimming, so we moved on to the Koshary shop.

We picked up a take-away order for 6 pounds, Egyptian (about 86 cents, U.S.,) and headed back to our apartment.)

I weighed the pasta/rice/lentil/garbanzo-bean container and it came in at 1 pound, 3 ounces.  Note the convenient packaging used for the tomato sauce, vinegar sauce and hot pepper sauce.  You can easily open a corner with a pair of scissors (or your teeth.)  This makes about two meals apiece for us.  Truly a bargain compared to the previous day's lunch at Chili's.  

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