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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Making Movies in Cairo

Cairo has long been known as the "Hollywood of the Middle East" or "Movie Capital of the Arab World."  Today, as we headed out to the animal hospital, we noticed a particularly "tricked out" tuk-tuk.  We didn't think anything of it as there is a perpetual contest here to produce the fanciest of these machines - not to mention achieving incredible sound levels with their audio systems.

But, on the return trip, we rounded a corner and found we were right in the middle of a video or movie making production.  The crews from Flicker Media Production Services and a few other companies were hard at work filming a scene with that tuk-tuk.

Here, the director gives final instruction to the actors who will be running behind the vehicle.  Then, it's "Action!"

Then a review and, most likely, another take.  But we were on our way by then.

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