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Monday, February 9, 2015

Another Accident on/off the Ring Road

I thought I heard the elevator door creaking and the neighbor's door shutting yesterday evening.  Linda said, "That's a crash - sounds like a pile up!"  We moved to the windows but it was hard to see much in the dark.  At first, we thought it might involve the car facing in the wrong direction (the right arrow in this photo).

But that appears to just be someone who stopped, turned around and came back a bit so see what was going on up by the left arrow.  Driving customs are a lot more casual here than in Bloomington.

If we zoom in a bit, there are those telltale signs of a problem.  A missing section of guard rail and onlookers peering over the edge of the road.  In just a few minutes several emergency vehicles appeared on the frontage road below and tended to the problem.  During all the years we've lived here we've never seen any accidents on the Ring Road and now we've witnessed two in a matter of days. It's winter but it's not as if they're driving on ice or snow. Can you imagine that? It would give me nightmares!

In the morning light, the broken-out railing supports are visible.

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