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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Walking to the House of Al-Suhaymi on el-Moez Street

Walking down to el-Moez street, I noticed that it was an unusually clear day in the city so I paused to take some pictures by the square at Al-Hussein mosque.

We wound through a few alleys and streets and soon were back to the textile museum and strolling el-Moez.
Citadel2015-10 Citadel2015-12

That left me in front of the antique store where I later saw a man working on a 1940's radio.  If I keep stopping and photographing this old phonograph, I will probably buy it some day.  I think it would look good here in the "media room", more often referred to as the living room.
Citadel2015-14 Citadel2015-13

After another few minutes, we were standing alongside the House of Al-Suhaymi.

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