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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The Jewelry Store or the Sewer Project?

We had been invited to attend the wedding of a good friend's niece today.  We needed to arrive at our friend's brother's home - or at least close by.  Fortunately, another friend had stopped by today and would take us up to "the village" of Nazlet el Sammen near the pyramids.  We knew that we probably wouldn't be able to locate the actual house on our own.

We asked our friend drop to just drop us off, planning to call the other friend for final directions.

He offered to drop us in front of a well-known jewelry store - or take us up to "the sewer project."  Both of these landmarks would help our other friend locate us.  The suggestion was made that the jewelry store should be very safe since there was a man with a machine gun standing out front.  He's the one in the middle!
2015EgyptB-1 2015EgyptB-2

Soon our other friend arrived to pick us up with a young driver in a Tuk-tuk.  We all squeezed in and were off for the final few blocks of the trip.

More on the wedding tomorrow.

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