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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Koshary for Lunch

With our morning's work out of the way, it was time to have lunch.  Roshdy, his brother-in-law and I headed to a good Koshary place on (King) Faisal Street.  The signs out front say "Koshary" in red  and "the old-time taste," below that in blue.   Linda would translate that as "Comfort Food," a good interpretation, I'd say.

Our server brought us each a bowl of the pasta/rice/lentils/garbanzo beans and fried onions that is the heart of Koshary.

He soon returned with a pitcher of tap water for the locals and a bottle of the good stuff for me.  And, most importantly, he brought the condiments that make Koshary delicious.  Here they are, a plate of tomatoes, a bowl of tomato sauce and a hot and spicy sauce.  Some like to add a touch more acid to the flavor with vinegar, but most people stick to the red condiments.

This restaurant steams the pasta and some claim that is the "secret ingredient" to make a superior meal.  It was very good - but in my case, I have never found a bad Koshary.

Our server brought a second round for us and we finished it all, though I admit to not eating my complete share. KosharyLunch-4

More of my Koshary posts can be found by inputting the word Koshary in the search box at the top of this page.  Or, go straight to the post that includes the Abou Tarik recipe. (Take note of how the two locals are dressed for this 81 degree winter day.)

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