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Thursday, March 10, 2016


When we were downtown we headed to a shop known for its sweets so that we could buy a gift for an upcoming visit to our friend.

This shop has the reputation of being the best place in Cairo to buy sweets.

The shop was crowded so we had to push our way around to look at the various offerings.

All products were displayed out of boxes so we knew what we were buying.  We chose a box and pushed to the area of cashiers.

Here we have arrived at our friend's house and the sweets are being served.

The sweets are tooth achingly sweet.Too much for Linda but Tom loves them so he indulged in several before the night was over.

"Have another" our host repeated often.

Our host with his daughter and grandson.

We always enjoy visiting our friend. He's a great conversationalist and story teller.

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Aliza said...

We ate El-Abd ice cream for the first time during our November visit. It was AMAZING.