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Thursday, February 15, 2018

Our Luggage Arrives

While we had made it onto our connecting flight in Paris on Wednesday night eight days ago, our luggage had not.  Our baggage claim details were duly recorded at Cairo International Airport and a claim number was issued to us.  The recommended strategy was to call back to the airport in the early morning when the day shift could let us know how things were progressing.  Note that Egyptian Aviation Service works from 9 till 2 except Fridays and Air France answers the phone between 5 and 8 pm.  Welcome to Egypt!

There was no word the next day - or the day after.  A check with Air France' website produced no news since the International Claim number issued by the Cairo airport would not be accepted by the Air France system.  Linda tried calling Delta's Customer Care number to discover that they don't care on Sundays.  In that process she burned up most of her Egypt's phone minutes.  She e-mailed a friend to see what could be discovered from the Minneapolis end.  This produced some relatively helpful information:

Email from friend in Minneapolis:

Finally got through - in excess of half an hour. Without the number she couldn't help. She tried to use your name but didn't find anything that way either. Don't suppose you were traveling incognito? I did ask if the delta.com/baggage was kept current. She said emphatically yes! She also said that Paris has 8,000 bags trying to get to destinations and some are getting moved on, but can't give specific help without number.
Sunday night the Cairo airport let us know that Air France would be sending our luggage the next day.  Linda was cautiously optimistic.

Monday afternoon Air France sent out three e-mails, one for each bag:

Dear Mrs/Mr Sawyer,

Your baggage no.212926 is on board flight AF508 to Cairo airport. We will contact you as soon as it arrives at the airport.

Yours sincerely,

Air France Customer Service
More updates followed from Air France and finally a call from the airport to arrange delivery.

Tuesday morning, a sturdy Egyptian lady rolled by in a sedan packed with bags and presented our luggage.  Delivering lost luggage, by the way, is a pretty good gig.  I had a good friend in college who had the Portland late baggage delivery franchise for Northwest Airlines.  People receiving their bags are happy to see them and tip generously.  I did so too.

Linda was happy to see the bags after a week, and Rusty could tell there was something in there for him.

Linda's clothes take up a small space in the luggage but were much desired.  Most of what we bring amounts to about a hundred pounds of gifts for friends, especially their children.  A few items are for apartment maintenance like the weatherstripping and ant traps.
Egypt5-4 Egypt6-2-1

And we bring along a few food items like bacon and Jerky snacks that just aren't readily available here.  And, of course, a few cat treats.
Egypt6-1-4 Egypt6-2-2

With gifts in hand, we could begin visiting our friends.

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