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Thursday, February 22, 2018

We Have Dial Tone (a post for techies only)

but don't quite have Internet access yet.

Workers from the phone company attacked the telephone line problem yesterday evening.  Opening up the blue box, they located and disconnected our phone line coming up over the top of the building and down the front from our unit.

How do they work in that rat's nest, you may wonder?  One man brings a small box to the phone jack in the apartment.  This generates an RF signal that the other worker can locate in the rats nest.

We are now connected via a different box down the street by the mosque instead of the blue box by the beauty shop.  That gets us onto the fiber connection up by the papyrus shop; the previous routing was via copper way up the street at the supermarket.  (Do I seem to know more about my network than you do about yours?  Welcome to Egypt.) Net result, we have dial tone and the landline works.

The ADSL connection?  Not so much.  As of last night we had a solid DSL light on the router but only an intermittent Internet light.  This morning we had a solid Internet light but still no Internet connection.  Perhaps one more day?

Evening Update:
One more call to TE-Data was all that was required.  We now have Internet service at 4mbps (that is called high-speed here) and have WIFI throughout the apartment.

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