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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Dinner (and Dessert) at Delices

Alexandria has a history of notable restaurants, many with a Greek heritage.  If you are seeking the literary haunt, Pastroudis, you are years too late.  See my old blog post here for its final vestiges.

But, close to the Cecil on Saad Zagloul Square, you can still find Delices (Since 1922) and we walked over for dinner.

Alex-29 Alex-31

The menu had most of the Egyptian standards but also features a number of classic Greek dishes as well.  I combined the Lentil soup and the Greek Soutzoukakia.  The Soutzoukakia rivals even my own that I serve at home, and we both chose it for an entree.

Delices is probably better known as a patisserie than a restaurant and features a wide selection of desserts.  We split one this night but came back again the next night just for the desserts.  The patisserie has fronts on two streets and the outside table facing the square are highly recommended once the weather has warmed up as it now has.

Alex-36 Alex-37

Food great, presentation excellent, service superb, atmosphere good.  Let's give this place five stars.

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