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Friday, March 23, 2018

Food, Restaurant Style - by Linda

Food is not the main reason to visit Egypt but for us it is an important part.  You can learn a lot about a culture by experiencing the local food.

We like to try as many different dishes that define Egypt as we can.  Over the years we've learned to try a dish first and then ask what it is. If I hadn't done this I never would have tried a brain sandwich years ago.  I have to admit that it tasted good but after I found out what it was I couldn't eat a second sandwich. The thought was just too much, to say nothing of the texture.

Restaurants are a good place to get an introduction to Egyptian foods.
During this visit we've had the opportunity to eat a variety of foods.

Food-01 Food-02
Fresh salads are a part of nearly every restaurant meal.

Food-03 Food-04
Restaurants typically offer meals of chicken or meat (meat means everything other than chicken).

Egyptian bread is particularly tasty and comes with meals.

Honey served on the hotel breakfast buffet in an interesting and uncommon presentation.

Hotel breakfast buffets offer a plethora of items.

Take a look at this English menu. I'll let it speak for itself. My favorite item is the Pepsi Pottel. Here's a clue--it's not a can.

Food-09 Food-10
This is our order. All three of us had "meat". Two plates of kofta and one lamb shank.

Here we have a roadside cafe offering.  The choices were cheese or meat sandwiches.

Food-18 Food-19

What I like most about this meal is the artful presentation.

It's just vegetables but look at them.  Who wouldn't want to eat everything on this plate?

Food-22 Food-23 Food-24
This restaurant served my favorite meal of all of them.  It was a rustic looking place with a wonderful covered, elevated patio over-looking the street.  Great location and super food.

Abu Abdullah is the name of this restaurant overlooking a large lake.  We drove an hour to this city to have a peaceful meal with a calming view.

Food-26 Food-28
This restaurant delivered all that and a delicious fish meal for four. The price for all this deliciousness?  $26.50!

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