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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Halfway to Egypt

Friday night 11/7 I'm off to Cairo, Egypt again. Linda and Terry left for Cairo two weeks ago tonight and have been on the classic two week tour since. I started off from the Minneapolis – St. Paul airport. Once past security, I was right by the infamous “Senator Larry Craig memorial rest room.” You can see it here on the right side 0f the aisle in this picture.

That reminded me that I hadn't checked on how my U of Portland college classmate, Larry LaRocco, did in the election to fill the Larry Craig senate seat in Idaho. A quick check of the internet shows that Craig didn't poison the territory for Republicans too badly. LaRocco was outscored 58% to 34% by Republican, Jim Risch. Apparently, LaRocco never had much of a chance even in a Democratic year.

I'm posting this from Schipol airport in Amsterdam, my new home! (more about that later.) I checked out Internet access at MSP and found that I would need a Boingo account. I could buy a 24 hour access pass for $7.95 or three months of access for $9.95. Of course the $9.95 pass would renew “automatically” subject to the Terms and Conditions that I would have to agree to.

I actually scanned through most of the legalese on the Boingo agreement. If more people would read these agreements and reject them, the agreements would change for the better and simpler. These things are like taxes. If anyone were to propose the income tax code in the form it now occupies or a property tax proposal in the form it has, they would be laughed off the public stage. But we accept these things because of our "go with the flow" attitudes. Nuff said on that subject!

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