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Sunday, May 1, 2016

Prince's Paisley Park Memorial

"44.862, -93.56"

Plug that into Google, hit the Enter key and you will be take to Paisley Park in Chanhassen, Minnesota.  That is the combination home and studio of the late artist, Prince.  Via Google's satellite view, it looks like this.

But, yesterday, as we drove out Minnesota Highway 5 (Arboretum Blvd.) and passed Audubon Rd., this was the view.

There is a good description of Paisley Park here.  And if you haven't seen the movie, Purple Rain, for a while, it features a lot of Minneapolis scenery and landmarks in addition to the music.

The turn lane from westbound Hwy 5 south to Audubon has been closed ever since Prince died.  An informal memorial has sprung up along the fence-line of his property and both yesterday and today, hundreds of fans were quietly honoring his life and artistry.

We stopped to take a few pictures yesterday but made a second trip out to the memorial today to walk past and take a close look.  the memorial begins with "chalk talk" on the walls of the tunnel that passes under Hwy 5.
Paisley-3 Paisley-2

The flowers, messages and pictures are reminders of both the special local appeal and the world-wide fame of this north-side Minneapolitan.

Paisley-5 Paisley-9

A lot of pictures were being taken.
Paisley-7 Paisley-6

I would love to see the age distribution of the fans who were there today.  The man had a remarkably wide appeal.
Paisley-8 Paisley-4