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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

A Very Copasetic Blog Post.

Patience Required.  History in Progress.  That was going to be the title of this post until the "obviously correct" title came to me, much later.

"Good things come to those who wait."  I wonder how many times one of the Sisters of the Holy Child said that to me back at St. Charles grade school in Portland?  I must not have been a patient child.

I put together my Gollock's Mogul Restaurant post some seven months ago and have been looking for memorabilia to add to it ever since.  Today, a matchbook cover turned up on eBay.  I bought it, of course.

 Once I receive it, I'll add a better picture back on the Mogul's post.

Naturally, you will want to look up the origins of the word, "copasetic," so here's a link that gets you to some speculative origins.  Since we know that Moe Gollock moved his restaurant downtown in 1949, we can probably attribute his "It's Copasetic" slogan to the 1947 novel by Budd Schulberg, The Harder They Fall.