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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

More About Traffic in Egypt

I've written a couple of previous posts about Egyptian traffic. Anyone who has visited Cairo has traffic stories to tell.

The wonderful blog Whazzup Egypt just alerted me to this article by a BBC reporter on the traffic situation. And a recent accident on the Ring Road was so horrendous that friends even called to report on it. Initial reports put the death toll at four but I saw later reports rising much higher.

One should always use caution when traveling within Egypt. This recent report from Luxor confirms thoughts that I have had when considering the balloon rides available there.

Part of the reason that I urge caution in Cairo is because you must always walk in the street:

A good part of the reason for walking in the street is that cars park on the sidewalk:

Be especially cautious at intersections where the traffic may be heavy. You can't wait for the cars to stop!

Sometimes you just have to get out of the way of a vehicle. Yes, this is a picture of a delivery truck making a run down a street that you might think is for pedestrians only:

But if the traffic seems like too much for walking, I suppose you can always just get on a bus. This one seems crowded but the next one might be worse:

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