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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Here Comes the Parade!

I was back in Solon Springs on Sunday to watch the parade. Solon Springs knows that it can't compete head-to-head with Gordon on the Fourth of July. The Gordon fireworks display is known throughout the northland. They call it "world class" and they aren't kidding. It bests many major city displays.

So Solon Springs holds their "Summer Festival" a week later. Bingo, Toilet Races, they've got it all. As the Northwoods shopper schedule shows, the parade is held on Sunday afternoon. So I headed into town and took a few photos.

Naturally, the parade started off with a presentation of the colors. They came from Legion Post 499 in Gordon.

The fire department followed close behind distributing candy to the youngsters.

Smokey the bear followed next behind the fire department. Seems appropriate!

Now this bear didn't seem as happy about his situation. He belonged to the bow-hunters' exhibit. I hope these guys take care of the local bear that has been picking our raspberries and scaring the daylights out of Linda!

No politician can resist a parade. Both the incumbent and the challenger rolled out for this one.

Even the long-term powerful state senator, Bob Jauch, made an appearance. Jauch represents an area of several counties in northwest Wisconsin and has done so since 1986.

Ole's IGA (visible in a couple of the photos above) was closed for the parade. The staff was out marching in it!

And, of course, no parade is complete without a brass band. Solon's played a joyful tune.

Well, that's it. It was over in thirteen minutes. Still, it was worth the drive to see a genuine small-town celebration.

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