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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Rosenthal's Resort - Webb Lake, Wisconsin

Northwest Wisconsin bills itself as "Wisconsin's Vacation Land."  Even the Chicago gangsters appreciated the relaxed pace of life here during prohibition.  But finding a good place to eat in Burnett or southern Douglas county can be difficult.  And the local places don't make it easy.  Maybe they don't want too much "drop-in" traffic!

For instance, you might be headed along Wisconsin highway 77 between Danbury and Minong on your way to Hayward, home of the Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame and many festive activities such as the Honor The Earth Pow-wow.  It would be easy to miss this sign near the Webb Lake town hall.

But, just a quarter mile south of the Webb Lake town hall, you will find Rosenthal's Resort.
WebbLake-09 WebbLake-10

This is northwest Wisconsin fine dining at its best.  Just consider the atmosphere alone.  You have a black bear checking out a beehive.  And look at the stringer of nine-pound-plus Walleyes.
WebbLake-06 WebbLake-07

My personal favorite here is the chicken Alfredo but you might just want to try the Walleye.  Worth a stop and highly recommended!

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