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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

End of the Winter vacation - 2013

Our bags are packed.  A ride to the airport has been scheduled.  All the furniture pieces have dust covers.

The luckiest cat in Cairo has no idea that his three month vacation from street scrounging is coming to an end as he naps by the door.

So it's time to sit back and analyze Egypt's situation.  Is there any hope?  Not for the short term.  One of the first posts on this blog after we arrived showed a long line of trucks waiting for diesel.  Ten weeks later the lines are still there but you can read about armed clashes and killings between people waiting in the lines.

The bakery owners are storming the government ministries downtown.

And, for three months, I've been asking everyone, "who are these people in the tents in Tahrir Square?"  No one knows, but everyone wonders.  Yesterday, the Interior Ministry said that there was nothing they could do to clear them out, however.

But life goes on.  Most people now live "closer to the edge" than ever before.  Perhaps after more time ...

Maybe our little stray cat, nicknamed Misty, is really just a metaphor for the whole country.  I hope he makes it through the year.

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