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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Another Day at Abusir

Our outing to Abusir a few days back was so pleasant that we decided to arrange another visit, this time with a lunch.  Most people were staying close to home on the third anniversary of the revolution and no one that we know was headed downtown to rally in Tahrir Square.  If you would like an update on how the day went, across the country, this is a very good news website.  Follow a few links from there to get the flavor of things.

We know an excellent chef and desert guide, Taha, who has provided the meals on our camping trips described here and here.  Taha cooked lunch for us today at the horse farm in Abusir.  Here he is tending the grill as he slow-cooks a part of the chicken.

Taha had prepared the vegetables, salad and another batch of chicken in advance along with the always abundant rice that accompanies an Egyptian meal.  Linda had requested this potato and vegetable dish that is one of our favorite side dishes here.

The chicken came off the grill and onto the traditional bed of parsley.  It was served with a mixed salad in addition to the vegetable dish.

The table was briefly covered with a feast fit for a pharaoh.

For dessert, Linda had brought along a batch of freshly made brownies which were very favorably received by the chef.

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