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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Out For a Walk

On Friday, we headed north to explore a bit more of the neighborhood that we haven't visited yet this year.  Friday, of course, corresponds to Sunday back home and no shops are open until after noon prayers at the mosques.  Here, you see yesterday's Koshary shop closed.

Traffic is also pretty light which makes for easier walking along a busy street.  Linda took this picture along the side of the road.  The general level of trash in the streets is one thing that disturbs many visitors not accustomed to seeing it.  Inside of people's homes, people keep things clean.  The idea of keeping the outside clean too just doesn't register.  Compare the street view here on the left to just off the street at the entrance to the Grand Pyramids Hotel.

At the Grand Pyramids, we stopped in for a freshly made orange juice and strawberry juice beside the pool.  Occupancy seemed very low.  This is an excellent spot to stay if you are in Cairo as it is close to the pyramids yet has quite reasonable prices. 

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