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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Three Less Commonly Visited Mosques - Part 2, Mausoleum of Sultan Faraj Ibn Barquq

Just a couple of hundred yards due south of Qurqumas you will find the Mausoleum complex associated with Sultan Faraj ibn BarquqThis link will take you to a "live" Google map that shows the area.  I highlighted the two buildings with red arrows.  You may notice that a street junction in the form of an "X" marks the spot near the flyover bridge on Salah Salem.

This is a large active mosque.  The street along the minaret side is tree-lined.  The interior courtyard also displays a number of trees, which is quite a contrast to any other mosque that we have seen.

The carpets at the front are worth pausing for a close look.

This is probably one of the most photogenic mosques you will find other than Ibn Tulun.

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