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Monday, November 10, 2014

Autumn on the Gordon St Croix Flowage, 2014

Autumn passes quickly in the northland.  Four weeks ago, the foliage was at a peak on the Flowage.

Two weeks later, the color was gone, but the view was still colorful.

I came up on Saturday evening to finish the closing chores for the season.  Yesterday morning the geese were paddling upstream and I took the picture on the left before starting to cover the pontoon boat for winter.  The picture on the right is from this morning.  Quite a change was underway.
CabinNov9 CabinNov11

But everything was done in time.  The dock is on land, so is the pontoon.
CabinNov11-4 CabinNov11-5

Evenings in the Adirondack chairs are just a memory.

And another cabin season has passed like the setting of the sun.


Aliza said...

Beautiful photos for an elegaic post. Goodbye, summer. See you next year.

Tom martin said...