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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Dinner at a Wisconsin Supper Club

We celebrated our wedding anniversary this past Sunday and tradition called for dinner out.  Since we were at the cabin, I thought it might be time to try a new Supper Club.

For the uninitiated, the "Supper Club" is an upper-Midwest tradition centered on Wisconsin.  If you are a serious student of American culture, you will want to add this to your fact-file.  Here is an article in the New York Times, a book and even a movie on the subject.

There are certain standard menu items on a supper-club menu.  Steak, of course, but always AYCE Walleye on Fridays and prime rib on Saturday.  We were looking for something a little more special and found it here.

The Chippewa Inn can be found fifteen miles east of Hayward.  The location is easy to remember, it's at the corner of A and B, and offers a Bavarian page besides the usual fare.
ChippewaInn-7 ChippewaInn-2

Am I sure this is a supper club?  O yes, you can tell by the fish and other animals hanging in the bar watching you sip your cocktail.  (I couldn't get the bearskin into the same frame - sorry!)

Keeping with the Bavarian tradition, you will find a couple of dollhouses and a case of Hummel figurines in the back room.

How was the food?  Very good.  Here is the Bavarian Pork Shank (Eisbein, if you are German) and the prime rib.
ChippewaInn-3 ChippewaInn-4

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Linda said...

Lovely photos, and the food does look very good!