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Sunday, January 17, 2016

At the Tackle Shop in Cairo

I needed a fishing rod.  I know, it's a bit unusual, what with us being in the desert here.  But there are fish in the Nile and in the lake down by Fayoum and up on the Mediterranean at Alexandria.  Actually, it's a gift, not for my own use.  But where would I find one?

I asked our favorite guide, Roshdy, and he quickly came up with a local fishing tackle shop.  It's downtown between Tahrir Square and Talat Harb.  We have probably walked past it a dozen times without noticing it.

It's not Cabela's, or Joe's Sporting Goods in St. Paul.  No, it's not even that little bait shop just off the Interstate at Harris, MN.    This place doesn't even have a sign over the window.  This is truly a "mom and pop" operation.  They were both there as was their son.

They have rods and reels - and note the Magnum Rapala.

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