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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Checking the Electronics

After buying a fishing pole, we continued down the street.  This is a long block filled with electronics stores.  At the end of the street I paused to take a picture.  There are probably two or three dozen similar shops around the corner to the left.

Don't expect to go inside and browse the aisles of something like a Radio Shack.  What you see in the window is pretty much what is for sale inside.  So let's take a look in the window of one.
EgyptA-14 EgyptA-13

The big items for sale this year are HD Satellite receivers and security systems.  The price of a widescreen TV is continuing to decline.  When we were over at Carrefour a few days ago and as part of their 13th anniversary sale, 40-inch TVs have been marked down 600 pounds to a rock-bottomed 3499 EGP (about $440)  Just about every third cart had a 40 or 49 inch television in it.

It is interesting to see that television sets are sold by the inch around the world. 

With the new TVs, folks are upgrading to an HD satellite receiver.  Some may be adding a second LNB to their dish to pick up a second satellite.  This can involve some risky work out on the balcony.  I hired a man to install our second LNB.  All I had to do was hold his arm while he crawled over the railing and adjusted the aim.

We get about 500 free channels from Nilesat and another 150 from the European Hotbird.  You say you don't have a satellite dish at home?  You would be very out of place here.
EgyptACompare-1 EgyptAdish-1

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