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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Dawn at the Pyramids

Since that group of bicyclers mentioned in the post below was going to be "riding across Cairo" on Friday morning, I thought that we could go over by the pyramids and watch them depart.  It turns out that they aren't actually riding across Cairo.  This is probably a good thing - from a safety point of view.  They began at one of the pyramids inside the controlled access area and rode down the hill.  They were loaded onto a bus and their bikes onto a truck for the ride across the city where presumably, they unloaded and began their ride in relative safety from the insane Cairo drivers.

We did, however, gather a few pictures of the pyramids in the warm orange light of dawn, but with a bit of haze obscuring the scenery.

Just as we arrived at the western entrance, a few tourists were also arriving to take "selfies" with the pyramids in the background.  A camel was also passing by.
EgyptA-01 EgyptA-02

I walked up to the gate and took a couple of pictures.  This was a rare chance to to have a picture without people as it was two hours before the gate opened.

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