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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Linda Puts Security on Alert

Linda and I chose two separate lines for our inspection at the Minneapolis airport. I take a slow and leisurely approach to removing my belt, shoes, pocket contents, laying out my laptop, wallet, and the like. Similarly, I am in no rush to reverse the process.

I was quite surprised when I finished this to not find Linda waiting for me as usual. Then I saw the problem. I had plenty of time to take out the camera and grab a photo while our fellow travelers were repacking.
Let's let Linda pick up the story:
Our annual winter escape was going to be my first time with TSA and my new metal knee replacement. I expected that it would be a different experience for me because I'd seen how my mom had to be wanded when she flew with me a couple years ago. We also saw an older priest who needed extra security because as we all know 86 year old Scandinavian women and priests are high security risks.

I don't know the reason but I'm always ok'd for TSA precheck. When I handed over my passport to the first TSA agent she marked my boarding pass with three orange lines and told me to go to a particular line, tell them I'm precheck and then I won't have to remove my shoes. I did as she asked and passed through the detector. Well, of course, it beeped. 2nd TSA agent said I'd have to remove my shoes so I told her that it was my knee that caused the alarm. "Oh, then you will have to have a body check." she said. She told me to stay " right there" and called for a female body checker. 3rd TSA agent guided me to the body check area and asked if I was comfortable being checked in the open or did I want to go behind a screen. I chose the open check so everyone (including Tom) could verify what was going on. She then asked if I was able to stand in one spot for 4 minutes or less. "Four minutes?" I said incredulously. Then I said, "or less". So there I stood on a special mat with my feet (no shoes) on the foot prints which were about 2 feet apart while she did the body check. She told me which part she would be checking and with which part of her hand before the actual touching. For example, around my collar, my torso with the back of her hand, or high up on my thighs (and I do mean high!) I was touched from the top of my head to my feet and no surprise to me, I passed. I don't think the check lasted 4 minutes but I didn't time it. The agent then advised me to say that I have a knee replacement next time and then I will go through the scanner and not need a body check. I tried to find out at what point I'm to indicate my special request but she was quickly on to the next situation.

Next time I'm going to tell everyone from the first agent to the last about my knee. So much for the privilege of TSA precheck.

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