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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Fruit and Nuts

Street food in Egypt takes many forms, but among the most popular are the nut shops and juice stands.  On a busy avenue such as Pyramids or Faisal, you can find these on almost every block.  Peanuts and pistachios are widely available, but we were interested in almonds and cashews and maybe some pecans?

We headed over to Dokki, an upper-middle class neighborhood between Cairo University and the river Nile.  This nut store always has a line of people waiting to buy.

There are a few varieties of "salty mix" but most people are just buying snack size packages of nuts.
Nuts-01 Nuts-03


Next door is a juice stand that makes one of the world's great fruit cocktails.
Nuts-09 Nuts-08

My friend and I ordered the large size and the attendant brewed up a combination of banana, mango, melon, apple and orange slices.  There is a sweet mango syrup added along with a drizzle of chocolate syrup - and a split Boreo on top complete the amazing concoction. (A Boreo is a locally produced Oreo look-alike)


We ordered ours for "take away" so a generous wrapping of foil was placed around each one to prevent spillage.


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