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Thursday, January 26, 2017

You're Stronger Than You Think

That's the quote on the locker room door at the new gym I joined.
Evolve-1-5 Evolve-1-1

While out for a walk around the neighborhood I spotted a new gym named Evolve, just a half mile from our condo. I thought I'd go there one day and check it out. As luck would have it, before I returned home, I met a neighbor walking to that very gym so I turned around and walked back to the gym with her.

Evolve-2 Evolve-1-3
The women's floor has the modesty drapes so that all women can safely exercise without being seen.


There is a men's zone and a separate ladies' zone. I had a tour of the ladies' floor which included a workout area, an aerobics class room, the jaccuzzi and the locker room. I also met the two trainers. Everything was sparkling new and clean and all the ladies were friendly. A couple days later I returned with my $47 and paid for a 3 month membership.

Evolve-1-2 Evolve-2-1


I go 3-5 times a week depending on my other activities. I walk on the treadmill and use the stationary bike before working on the machines under the instruction of a trainer. The trainers don't compare to my LifeTime trainer but I feel good getting some regular exercise.

While touring I neglected to note whether or not there was any AC unit. There are several but it's winter, after all, so they are not in use. After walking on the treadmill for a half hour I was dripping. I asked if the AC could be turned on and they happily complied with my wish. We moved the bike directly in the flow of the air and then the trainer turned the temp down to 77(25 degrees C) That's right, down. I've since convinced them to turn it down to 73.5 (23) so now I bike while cooling down from my walk.


Walking to and from the gym combined with an hour and a half on various machines gives me a very satisfactory work out.

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