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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Off to See the Eclipse - Part 1, Blue Earth, Minnesota

It's not a long journey from our home in Bloomington, MN to our chosen viewing spot near Beatrice, Nebraska.  Google Maps puts it at around 460 miles.  Of course, we take the scenic route which adds some distance and a lot of time.  We left Saturday afternoon and made our first stop at Blue Earth, Minnesota.

Minnesota is home to two legendary giants, Paul Bunyan and The Jolly Green Giant.  While The Jolly Green Giant is reputed to actually live in the Minnesota River valley near the town of LeSueur, his most famous likeness can be found near I-90 in the town of Blue Earth.

Here I am standing beside the base of the big guy.
The Green Giant company has long had a canning plant in Blue Earth to pack the peas, green beans and corn that are associated with this famous trademark.

The statue was put in place in September of 1978 just as I-90 was completed in the area making it the nation's first transcontinental (Boston to Seattle) Interstate.  The statue is located about a half mile south of I-90 along U.S. highway 169.

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