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Friday, February 9, 2018

Blog on Hiatus

I suppose it is appropriate to explain the abscence of blog posts for the past several months.  When I chose the title for this post, I did look up a dictionary definition of "hiatus."

hiatus Meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary

noun ... formal. a short pause in which nothing happens or is said, or a space where something is missing: The company expects to resume production of the vehicle again after a two-month hiatus.
Well, that seems appropriate.  While the blog was where nothing was said, the space where something was missing was at our home.  We had begun a "thirteen week" remodeling project at the beginning of August just before we left for Nebraska on the solar eclipse expedition described in the next post below.

The experts at AAA Movers loaded up most of our main floor furniture and took it away to their warehouse.


We moved mostly into the lower level, added a dumpster to the driveway, put forty boxes of small items in the garage and moved ourselves behind two zippered plastic doors for the duration as the kitchen was promptly "demo'd."
Remodel1-12 Egypt02-01

Remodel1-08 Remodel1-10

We learned to make oatmeal in a microwave oven - to even poach an egg and prepare microwave bacon and sausage too.  Hamburgers on the grill were still a real treat, even as the temperatures dropped below zero.

Thirteen weeks stretched into twenty six and we burned out one and a half project managers along with all of our patience.

Linda has purchased and read a book on the psychological benefits of swearing.  I purchased the domain name "www.fbcvictims.com" - (FBC was our contractor) and have the brightest minds in India calling me to ask about helping me build my new website.

Here is the before and (almost)after view of the kitchen.  There was still one drawer-front missing at this time, plus a few drawer-pulls and a list of about fifty other items.


But AAA Movers returned the furniture, made no scratches, left no marks and we finally did leave for Egypt.


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