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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Fateer on Faisal

We had dinner on Faisal Street tonight and then took a walk for a few blocks. Since it was Thursday night, the start of the weekend, there were lots of people out. It had been a warm day. The report from the Cairo airport indicated 102 although we didn't record anything over 87. Go figure.

Faisal street and the surrounding side streets had cafes, coffee houses and smoking establishments with tables on the sidewalks and out in the street.

We stopped for desert at a Fateer shop. I mentioned this "Egyptian Pancake" treat at the end of the Khan el-Khalili post. There are many small Fateer stands in neighborhood areas and along the main commercial streets.

We headed into this one.

Fateers come in two basic types. Savory or sweet. The savory type have meat and peppers. The sweet have honey, nuts and raisins. We were looking for sweet. The crust is a bit like filo dough. A bottom crust is spun, the filling is added and a second crust is placed on top. Into the oven and in a few minutes it is ready.

Here the owner is working on some dough before taking it for a spin.

When ready, they look like this.

This was my first one and it was very good.

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