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Friday, March 12, 2010

Blogging from Beanos

We made it to the airport at about midnight for our 4:10 a.m. departure to Amsterdam with KLM. Since we had a friend driving, we didn't have the usual mixup about Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. Almost all international flights to Europe leave from Terminal 2 (the new terminal) but KLM flies out of Terminal 1.

After minor run-arounds like, "You have to wait until 1:00," "Not until 1:30, then go through entrance 3." and the like, we finally made it to the KLM counter. Then past Passport Control manned by someone who really doesn't seem to like his job.

This year they have someone directing people to the third floor waiting area where all the modern coffee shops are located. A good idea and there are quite a few more people here.

Choosing from Cinnabon, Starbucks, Beano's, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf and McDonald's was easy. Beanos has the most comfortable seating.

Of course the line is over at McDonald's. I hear someone behind me in a loud voice saying, "Do you take dollars?" at Starbucks. No. You have to plan carefully to have just enough Egyptian pounds left for your food in these places, or plan to return to Egypt. Pounds are not good outside of Egypt and nothing else works at this Starbucks.

Linda's spicy Mexican Wrap has arrived. I think I'll have her take a picture and make this my last Egypt post.

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