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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Minnesota State Fair - Part 2, The Bad News

I've only lived in Minnesota for a bit over 40 years, so I'm still regarded as a "newcomer." But I embraced the Fair from the beginning. But I have to admit that sometimes the slow pace of infrastructure improvements surprises me. A lot of money is made at the fair. Eleven dollars to get in the gate so that you can buy a small sized malt for four dollars and a half? Somebody is making some money.

So you might think they would spend a little on the basics. We always use the Park and Ride option, parking at the lot right off I-94 and Snelling about a mile from the fairgrounds. This is a nice gravel lot but it always has puddles after a summer rain. Not that the operators don't try to deal with the issue. This year there were improvements. Three planks in parallel across the water instead of the two placed there in previous years.

Once we were inside, we noticed that some of the exhibit buildings were operating in the dark.

The knife vendor in this picture was sitting instead of slicing. He told me "I don't work in the dark for anyone. Not with sharp knives!"

It turns out that this was not a recession-based cost-cutting move by fair management. A semi driver hit a power pole on Como Avenue, knocking a power line down. It landed on Spencer Johnson's lap in a shocking surprise to him!

It's always interesting to take a look at the houses that are located near the fairgrounds. Obviously, life has handed these folks some lemons and a few literally make lemonade. Others just rent out the front yard for parking.

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