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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Wisconsin, Center of the Political Universe

They just can't help themselves.  First, Wisconsin voters elected a governor and some new legislators in November of 2010.  Since that time they have seen part of the legislature leave the state.  Then there was the supreme court "chokehold" incident.  Then they mounted a recall campaign against some of the state legislators.  Finally, a million or so petition signers organized a recall campaign against the governor.  Did I mention protests at the State Capitol?

This past Tuesday, the recall primary produced a candidate to run against the governor.  Interestingly, with a million petition signers demanding the recall, only about 700,000 voters turned out to vote in the primary to select an opponent.

So who is running in the recall election scheduled for June 5?  The same two candidates that faced each other 18 months ago!  For an election lasting more than 18 months, see a doctor.

So the question is this.  Were the "Recall Walker" signs in northwestern Wisconsin just placeholders and will we now see them replaced with Tom Barrett signs?  Or will this continue to be a  battle of Walker versus the anti-Walker?  Here is the current roadside view of the  battlefield:
Walker-3 Walker-4

Fortunately, the local geese and other wildlife don't give a squawk about the politics and carry on as if nothing were happening.  Life at the lake is very mellow.


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