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Thursday, May 3, 2012

California State Capitol - Sacramento

After visiting with ERMA in Concord, I was less than seventy miles from Sacramento and I still had close to an hour and a half before sunset.  Should I try for another State Capitol for my collection?  Yes.

As I pulled into Sacramento, the River Cats must have been scoring some runs as fireworks were shooting into the air above Raley Field.  I headed straight for the Capitol building.

The Capitol, fronting on 10th street is an imposing sight as the sun begins to set and the lights come on inside.

It is difficult to photograph because of the large number of trees in the capitol mall park.  I really like that head on picture but there is something to be said for one that includes an orange tree too.

That surrounding mall park is quite large and I got a good look at it a couple of days later when my homeward bound flight passed right over the city.
California-26 California-39

The Capitol park has more religious symbols nearby than I expected.  Here is the famous sculpture of the Sisters of Mercy arriving in California.
California-27 California-28

And, of course, Father Junipero Sera stands watch over the whole state.
California-31 California-30

With my photo mission  complete, I called home for help choosing an interesting place to eat.  Linda Yelped me over to this excellent Thai restaurant on 12th.  I was glad it was now late because the place was filled and tables were just beginning to open up.

I left Sacramento at about 10:00 p.m. and it was a long drive back to Palo Alto.  On Friday night, it appears that just about everyone in California is trying to get to someplace else.

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