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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Birds in Bloomington

The next post down on this blog shows some of my "wild game" camera results from our lake cabin near Gordon, Wisconsin.

One day, a blue jay flew past the camera and I got this picture.
WGI_0932 copy

"Hey," I though, "I should bring the camera back home and put it by the bird feeder outside our kitchen window."  This is the camera I have been using.

The results were disappointing though.  The camera has a fixed-focus lens and the birds looked pretty bad when the pictures were "enlarged" enough to see some detail.  Then, I thought, "why not buy some glasses for the camera?"  I headed over to Walmart where I found a pair of reading glasses for $2 and went to work.  I popped out a lens, put some electrical tape on the edges and taped it over the camera lens.
IMG_1491 IMG_1489

Voila!  A camera that was focused at about the 4-foot mark.

I'm not too happy with the pictures.  The lighting in this spot is not good, I need to increase the strength of the lens and now I have 4,000 pictures to go through and sort out the winners and the losers! 




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