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Monday, September 3, 2012

The Cannon Valley Bicycle Trail

Minnesota has several very nice paved bicycle trails.  I've blogged about the Munger Trail in the past.  Over the weekend, we headed south to the Cannon Valley Trail (map)that stretches twenty miles from Cannon Falls to Red Wing.

This trail differs from the Munger trail in many ways.  First, you will have to pay $4 to ride on the trail.  But the nice volunteers like Chloe, here, near Red Wing, will give you directions, have a pleasant conversation and wish you a nice day - so it's a pretty good deal.  A good place to start, though, is right in the middle at Welch.
CannonValley2-06 Welch-12

The biggest difference between this trail and the Munger is that this trail is not at all straight or level which makes it a much different experience.  The trail is almost two totally different riding experiences.  The western half, from Cannon Falls to Welch offers some excellent views of the Cannon River as it climbs to a decent height above the surrounding area.



The eastern half, from Welch to Red Wing takes you through more open space, especially as you approach Red Wing.

At this time of the year, either segment offers you Brown-Eyed Susans to brighten your day.


There are numerous bridges to ride across.
CannonValley2-08 Welch-16

There are farm fields and livestock grazing.

And much of the trail is through heavily wooded areas with an oak canopy to shade you from the summer sun.

The town of Welch lies right at the midpoint of the trail and deserves its own post.  We'll look at that tomorrow.

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