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Saturday, March 8, 2014

A Return Trip to Sakkara

We drove the 12 miles south to Sakkara last week to visit the Step Pyramid of King Zoser.  One of my attractions to this pyramid is the tall wall and entrance-way.  I have always wanted to get a picture of the large wall without lots of people appearing in it.  I had my chance on Tuesday afternoon.

An explanation for the lack of people can be found by looking at the parking lot.  On the left is a picture from this year and on the right, one from my first trip to Egypt in October, 2003. Tourism isn't just down a little, here.  It is nearly non-existent. 

A lot has changed at this site since that first  trip.  When I first saw the Step Pyramid in 2003, it was crumbling rather badly.  By 2010, scaffolding was up for a major repair job. 

A look at the corner shows quite a change from 2003 to 2010 to 2014.

I suppose the restoration had to be done in order to preserve the pyramid but I am glad I had the chance to see it in its earlier state.

The number of visitors is certainly small at the present time.  That gives a good opportunity to people who want to gain "pyramid power" through meditation at this site.  This group was just beginning to "feel the power" as we passed by.

Close to that meditation site, there is a pair of small observation portals that allow visitors to see an image of Zoser.  I photographed an observer back in 2003 but neglected to get a good shot through the portal.  I took care of that on this visit.

Back on the road behind the Step Pyramid, there is a good overall view, although the scaffolding spoils it a bit at the current time.

Also, from that area, you can almost always see the pyramids at Abu Sir that we visited previously.  On a clear day, the Giza Pyramids can also be sighted just to their left.

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