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Monday, March 10, 2014

A Trip to the Market - continued

Besides the fruits and vegetables, there is plenty of meat available on this market street.  Chicken, pigeon, duck and turkey can be found in several shops.  This rooster is going to make some family happy.

The pigeon is a common dinner bird here as in other middle-eastern countries.  The picture on the right shows several kind of fowl but the prices are all for chicken:
  • 14 pounds per kg., ($0.91 / lb.)  for whole chicken. 
  • 16 pounds per kg., (1.04 / lb.) for chicken breasts (a very good buy, we are told)
  • 34 pounds per kg., ($2.21/ lb.)  for chicken filets.

More fowl, here.

We met this fellow, with the unlikely name of Ali Baba, while strolling along the street.  He wanted to buy us tea, so we stopped for a bit to chat.  He operates a jewelry shop in Khan El-Khalili and would be happy to take care of any silver or gold needs that we might have.  He works in the Khan during the week but is always here at the coffee shop on Friday.

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