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Sunday, March 2, 2014

A Walk Through Islamic Cairo, the North End. Part 3

There is a lot more to see on any street in Cairo than just the historical monuments.  We passed several interesting displays of Egyptian culture along Al-Mu'izz Street.  There was the butcher shop,the fish market and the fruit vendor:

There was a book shop and a dandy antique store.

And when have you last seen several 1950s era Leica III series rangefinder cameras on display?  (That one in the back might be a Russian clone.)

There were plenty of political posters on display, especially of General Sisi.

We just heard tonight that Al-Mu'izz Street is going to be closed to vehicles beginning on March 15th.  This will improve the tourists ability to stroll along it.  This is one more reason to visit Egypt soon!

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