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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Cairo in 22 Pictures - and a Blog Worth Viewing

One of the interesting writers on airlines, airplanes and pilots is Patrick Smith who writes the Ask The Pilot blog.  I had been waiting for him to comment on the recent disappearance of Malaysia's flight 370.  A post appeared on the 9th.  While looking over his blog archive, I noticed that he wrote about his several visits to Egypt in a post with 22 delightful photos that capture the essence of Cairo.  Worth a look!   By the way, if you haven't seen the disappearance of Malaysia 370 from one of the several flight tracking Internet sites, there is an excellent 4 minute video available on YouTube here.  Watch from about 2:30 to 2:53 to see a change in direction followed by disappearance.

Smith,  by the way, offers this in a reply to a comment within his post:
As to point 3… we keep hearing about this “turning back.” Turned back to where? They were a long way from their departure airport. More likely, if the crew was going to change course, they would be diverting to a closer suitable airport, not “turning back.”
This is a good example of why the general media is pretty worthless as a news source.  Any reporter who talked to a pilot would not make this mistake.  I enjoy getting my airplane news from pilots and legal analysis from law professors.  The Internet is a wonderful thing.

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